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Health Packages

Health issues can be managed more effectively if you detect prior. The health check-up packages of Matrix aimed to facilitate early detection diseases to promote good health.

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  • 1. Ferritin
  • 2. CRP
  • 3. D-Dimer
  • 4. Inter Leukin 6 (IL-6)
  • 5. Electrolytes
  • 6. LFT
  • 7. Creatinine
  • 8. CBP
  • 9. LDH
Matrix Comprehensive Health package


  • 1. Ferritin
  • 2. CRP
  • 3. D-Dimer
  • 4. Electrolytes
  • 5. LFT
  • 6. Creatinine
  • 7. CBP
  • 8. LDH

Full-Body Checkup in Hyderabad | Health Checkups

In the hustle and bustle of our modern-day lifestyles, we often ignore to care about our health. But the fact is nothing is more important than the health and well-being of an individual as well as family. Life in cities and has an environment that is common with various health risks. In order to save yours’ and family’s most important possession that is health, master health check-ups are required.

While for most of us getting a complete body checkup might be in our to-do list, but it’s often ignored for one reason or another. Until we fall sick and the doctor asks to undergo the check-up we won’t realize its significance. So, the individuals should get a whole body check-up done on a regular basis to solidify your good health and wellness.

Why you should take regular full body health checkups?

A regular full body health checkup is a normal visit specialist or diagnostic center to screen your body with some basic tests and have a survey of your general well-being. There are multiple healthcare centers offering health checkup packages in Hyderabad and always prefer the genuine, approved and certified centers to know your health status. Going for a full body checkup in Hyderabad is significant to advance in identifying and counteracting greater medical problems prior.

Matrix Diagnostic Centre brings you a unique combination of the right tests, health checkup packages in Hyderabad for the right assessment of your overall body health! We offer full body checkups in Hyderabad at very low-costs where our specialists can access one’s condition, analyze any possible potential issues that may be in their starting stages.

Undergoing health check-ups help in distinguishing the issues and any physician can easily propose prompt treatment based on the person’s condition. A few sicknesses could be exceptionally unobtrusive and may not give any indications until they reach certain stages. This is the reason you need to go for full body checkups in Hyderabad, and Matrix Diagnostics facilitating affordable health checkup packages in Hyderabad, with which you can have well-being check to live a healthy and happy life.

We offer the customized health checkup packages in Hyderabad done by utilizing the advanced technologies provided by the best in industry.

What to Expect in our health check-up packages?

Our full-body health checkup offers multiple clinical tests used to assess the overall health of a person. The master health checkup packages in Hyderabad include a physical examination using blood tests, ultrasound, and laboratory investigations that help in evaluating the health of the vital organs as well as the metabolism to look for any early symptoms of health problems to manage individual health better.

Sustaining good health goes beyond getting a full-body health checkup. It’s important to lead a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Moreover, it’s a must to have a preventive full medical check-up in this fast-paced world. living a balanced, well-rounded life and having regular health checkups is the first step towards the prevention of illness. To know more about our premium health checkup packages in Hyderabad, please contact us!

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

© Copyright by Matrix Diagnostics 2019. All rights reserved

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